We are able to deal with a wide variety of Wildlife & Habitat Management issues & have various methods at our disposal.


Tree Planting


Where required, Yorkshire Wildlife Management can provide & plant Bare Root Trees.  We can establish areas of woodland as well as hedgerows.  This will provide habitat & a potential food source for a number of species of animal & bird life.


Hedge Laying


Hedge Laying is another specialist service that we offer.  Hedges, if well maintained can provide great barriers keeping stock both in, & out of fields.  The resulting hedge, when laid correctly also provides small mammals & birds with safety, shelter, & food.


Rabbit Control


Rabbit Control through Trapping, Shooting, the use of Ferrets & Nets, & in certain circumstances gassing. 


Rabbit Proof Fencing is another service we also provide.  When coupled with the installation of Drop Boxes this method can be one of the best methods of Rabbit Control. 


Squirrel Control


Trapping & Shooting are the quickest ways of controlling Squirrels.




Mole Control is provided through Trapping.


Rat Control


Rat Control is carried out through the use of Shooting, Trapping, & using Rodenticides.


Fox & Deer Control


Fox & Deer Control is undertaken using a combination of Shooting & Cage Trapping (Foxes only).