Mark Horsfall is a Wildlife Manager with over a decade's experience in dealing with Agricultural Wildlife Management issues.


Over the years Mark has dealt with everything from controlling rats in and around Agricultural buildings, reducing deer populations thus ensuring healthy herds and reducing damage to newly planted trees, removing rabbits from scheduled ancient monuments & farm land to controlling moles on park land.


When asked what his favourite part of the job is Mark said,


"There's no real part I dislike but the main thing I enjoy is seeing the results of a job well done.  The farmer's face when seeing his rabbit or mole issues dealt with is great.  They always appreciate the hard work put in to achieve it"


Darren Horsfall has been actively involved in Wildlife Management since 2008.


Over the years Darren has carried out Rabbit, Rat, & Mole Control.  He's also been involved in the management of fisheries, creating & re-establishing existing habitats to benefit Wildlife.


When asked what his favourite part of the job is Darren Said,


"I enjoy all aspects of the job.  No two days are the same & there are often plenty of challenges to overcome."